Updated: Mar 26

Your taste when it comes to adventure will determine which activity you will go for at the Victoria Falls. It's obvious you can't get enough of this adventure hotspot in Africa, as you will be spoilt for choice. The world's largest fall is always a vibe for adventurous tourists who have visited it. From its magnificent beauty to the wildlife around it, Victoria Falls is a place you need to tour if you haven't. So here is a handful of activities you can do at The Victoria Falls.

Bungee Jumping

If you don't fear heights, then bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls should be top on your list. It is a super adventure as you get to freefall 111m. The activity is made safe by experts who are there to make sure no kind of accident happens and that you are comfortable. The background when you a jump is hair-raising but the beauty of the waters will make you try the jump once more. The jump is one of the highest worldwide and it attracts visitors from all over the globe. The bridge swing is also an adrenaline inducing activity as you swing into the gorge. Both will rush your adrenaline and the fun doesn't end there!

White Water Rafting

An adventure you can't afford to miss, white water rafting down the Zambezi will pump your adrenaline if you are in for it. You get to navigate in the Batoke Gorge as you explore some of the best rapids in the world. The experience is super thrilling and unique as many places in Africa don't have this activity. Get to rush your adrenaline levels as you hurl down the Zambezi River 8 m from the its highest point. One goes down up to the famous three waves of oblivion, a wonder which you can't ignore. Between February and July is the best time to enjoy some water rafting experience because the water levels are low. Whitewater rafting is indeed a daring adventure and the Zambezi River promises to give you an unforgettable experience.