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Your taste when it comes to adventure will determine which activity you will go for at the Victoria Falls. It's obvious you can't get enough of this adventure hotspot in Africa, as you will be spoilt for choice. The world's largest fall is always a vibe for adventurous tourists who have visited it. From its magnificent beauty to the wildlife around it, Victoria Falls is a place you need to tour if you haven't. So here is a handful of activities you can do at The Victoria Falls.

Bungee Jumping

If you don't fear heights, then bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls should be top on your list. It is a super adventure as you get to freefall 111m. The activity is made safe by experts who are there to make sure no kind of accident happens and that you are comfortable. The background when you a jump is hair-raising but the beauty of the waters will make you try the jump once more. The jump is one of the highest worldwide and it attracts visitors from all over the globe. The bridge swing is also an adrenaline inducing activity as you swing into the gorge. Both will rush your adrenaline and the fun doesn't end there!

White Water Rafting

An adventure you can't afford to miss, white water rafting down the Zambezi will pump your adrenaline if you are in for it. You get to navigate in the Batoke Gorge as you explore some of the best rapids in the world. The experience is super thrilling and unique as many places in Africa don't have this activity. Get to rush your adrenaline levels as you hurl down the Zambezi River 8 m from the its highest point. One goes down up to the famous three waves of oblivion, a wonder which you can't ignore. Between February and July is the best time to enjoy some water rafting experience because the water levels are low. Whitewater rafting is indeed a daring adventure and the Zambezi River promises to give you an unforgettable experience.

Helicopter Flights over Vic Falls

Also known as 'The Flight of Angels' the Victoria Falls is indeed spectacular and a helicopter flight over the falls will definitely prove this. You get to see the 'Smoke that thunders' at an up-close view as you get a birds-eye view of the largest water fall in the world. You can also opt for a micro light flight and get a perspective of this famous world wonder. A micro light trip is slow-paced flight that is thrilling as one flies in an open cockpit. An exhilarating flight is also a good choice if you are a couple as the Vic Falls sparks a romantic mood because of its breathtaking beauty. You are also assured of some game viewing from above. Get to witness 'The Flight of Angels' as it is mind blowing as the deep chasm of the falls is exceptional in its own nature!

High Wire Adventures (Zip lining, Gorge Swing and The Flying Fox)

If you are fun of high speeds then the high wire activities at the Vic Falls will satisfy your cravings. The craziest being the flying fox, this zip line ride will make you gather some courage for other thrilling activities. It among the tamest activities one can do at the Vic Falls. The fox zip line involves sliding across a gorge which is approximately 200 meters width-wise. Over 100 meters above the floor of the gorge, the fox zip line is daring. The cable slide puts you in a position where you are facing down, in a manner to suggest you are flying as you are attached to a high-wire. Take your adventure gear on another level by reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h. Regardless of the high speed, one is able to see stunning views as spots like the Gorge Swing gives you the best angles. If you can be able to ride for a distance of more than 400 meters across the Gorge swing, and try other heart-thumping activities, Vic Falls has your back!

Swimming in the Devil's Pool

A water activity not for the faint-hearted, swimming in the Devil's pool is super exciting. Over 100 m from it's drop, the pool gives you a perfect spot to admire the Victoria Falls. Chill at the edge of the Victoria Falls as you play with waters. This activity is one of a kind as one feels the magnitude of the Victoria Falls falling into the Zambezi River. Marvel at one of the wonders of the world as you splash in the pool. It is thrilling and the best way to enjoy a guided tour in cold water. Explore the Vic Falls by taking a boat safari with your friends as you take pictures of this fascinating feature. You can also visit the Livingstone Island which neighbors the Falls. Enjoy a walk over the rocks. If you love having some good time in the waters, Devil's pool won't be that scary for you.

Skydiving at Vic Falls

Skydiving is the only activity that will make you tense as your body sweats heavily. Jumping and going for a journey of about 10,000 is more than spine-tingling. Skydiving is only for the extremists who are passionate about adventure. This is no ordinary activity like the bungee jumping. It is not as easy as zip lining, it takes more than just your will to do it. The beauty of skydiving is that you get to see amazing places like the Devils Cataract and the incredible falls like the Horseshoe Falls and the Rainbow Falls. An adventurous activity famous in the globe, skydiving gives you the chance of using advanced parachutes which are so much fun. You will land safely at the Zambezi National Park after going at a speed of around 200 km/h. For your safety, there is usually an instructor who accompanies you.

Victoria Falls Canopy Tours

A perfect adventure for a family, Victoria Falls canopy tours is a good way of exploring the Vic Falls. You will come to know of the nine slides which are elevated and a beautiful which acts as a walkway. The bridge is set in the forest canopy where it is suspended naturally. If you want to capture views of the Zambezi River, I would recommend you try out the canopy tours. Not to mention one takes walks at the Vic Falls as you breath the fresh air from the clean atmosphere around the place. If you are with your kids, they will absolutely love this!

The Vic Falls will give you a 'Woohoo' experience. This fascinating wonder should be on your bucket list especially if you are an adrenaline enthusiast! Victoria Falls is unique as it is the only place you can get to do many adrenaline rushing activities at the same time have a good and memorable quality time. Visit this African hotspot for thrilling fun as you soak breathtaking views of Victoria Fall's surroundings.


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