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NAIROBI, the safari capital of Africa.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

An energetic, modern city that serves as a fascinating introduction to both wildlife and nightlife, Nairobi boasts of its modernity and great sense of culture. Being the only capital in the world with a national park, it has been recently been ranked as the top tourist destination in Africa and the third in the world. Nairobi is Kenya's beating heart, an exciting ,maddening jungle that is heaven for people and haven for wildlife. It's name comes from the maasai phrase 'Enkare Nairobi ' which translates to a place of cool waters, a reference to the Nairobi River, which flows in the city.

The city charms include include a vibrant cultural life, fabulous places to eat and exciting wildlife attractions centres. With an amazing national park on its doorstep, some wildlife-centric attractions, the excellent National Museum, Nairobi offers a hypnotic exotic experience. Museums in Nairobi are a perfect place to reach if you need to gather ample knowledge of Kenyan culture and cultural past.

The Nairobi National Museum is one of the most visited Museums in Africa. The museum is entrusted with collection, preservation, and documentation of the Kenyan cultural heritage. The museum is responsible for the management of regional museums and monuments. This is a rather relevant and important landmark in Kenya for its remarkable contribution to the welfare of the human race. One can buy several castings, and get venue hire at reasonable prices.

Karen Blixen Museum

Built by a Swedish engineer back in the year 1912, Karen Blixen Museum features decor items which dates back to its original timings, as well as certain props. Found on the outskirts of Nairobi, the museum is home to prized possessions of Karen Blixen that she left behind post stay. The grounds are open for touring which can be rented for functions. The is a gift shop also which sells souvenirs. It is a museum that makes Nairobi so stunning!