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NAIROBI..It gets more fun, as it gets more dark.

In Nairobi, the darker the night, the brighter the stars, the more fun it gets. Nairobi is rightfully known for its nightlife, whether that means sophisticated cocktail dens, friendly bars or nightclubs. Nairobi is a city that comes alive at night. When the stars come out, one gets to enjoy the magical nightlife Nairobi has to offer.

Nairobi is a beautiful city during the day, but at night, when the sun goes down, the magic starts to happen. Nairobians portray the relationship between darkness and urbanism. But with so many exciting things do at night, you will be missing out on some of the best activities the city has to offer. Get to know how to have fun in Nairobi, and still keep safe.

The heart of the party is always in Nairobi. Being a city that embraces many genres of music, Nairobians love to dance. Dance the night away! From international music to local music, Nairobians dance like there is no tomorrow. There are different general dancing styles that you might also want to familiarize yourself with before you come, even though these keep changing. There are normally styles that are popular with the older generation, but if you can make an effort to learn them, I promise you are good to go. The new wave in town which is the "genge tone music" has taken the Kenyan music industry by storm. The music genre which is complemented by a popular dance known as "Odi dance" makes the dance clubs go on fire. Getting to know a few dance styles in Nairobi, will make you blend easily with the city, if you are a party person.

Ever thought of a pub crawl? Or are you wondering what that might be? It's as easy as visiting or drinking at a series of bars in the same evening, just for fun! Nairobians love to bar-hop and it is not surprising to see someone visiting atleast five nightclubs in a single evening. There are many bars, so you have many options to choose from, which maybe hard to decide. Most of the bars have a rooftop or balconies where you can sit and explore Nairobi as you enjoy your drink. Westlands which is twenty minutes drive from central Nairobi, is the place where bars offer the best services. Here you can hear and feel the real sound of African music.

You can enjoy live music which is performed by bands all over Africa. Casablanca in one of the clubs which is considered the best by locals. The club has an Arabian element to its aesthetic and offers a very relaxed atmosphere. The B club in Kilamani, 1824 Whiskey club along Lang'ata road, Golden ice Bistro along Mombasa road are among the best clubs to visit in Nairobi. It is important to know that it is safe to not drink and drive, so if you love pub crawling, it is wise to get a registered taxi to get you back to your residence or hotel. Crazy nights make the best memories and Nairobi is the place to party like there is no tomorrow.

Talk of African delicacies, restaurants in Nairobi, give you a chance to taste the meals and savour the art. Date night restaurants in the city bring a romantic atmosphere as you can feel the love in the air and also smell the sweet aroma of tasty and original food options. If you are a vegetarian, restaurants like Wasp and Sprout in Loresho Ridge, Nairobi is the place to be. Best brunch in Nairobi with a surprising and unique menu. Ready for a chill night out? Well, Nairobi restaurants cannot disappoint. They are perfect relaxed spots to go with friends or family and have the best time of your life.

Restaurants in Nairobi offer a blend of an extensive menu full of varieties, romantic atmosphere and chic interior. Petma Restaurant gives one the pleasure of enjoying traditional food, you can even book an event such as; cocktail party, a business meeting or a wedding. This is also possible in restaurants like Safari Park hotel, Hilton hotel, La Terrazza Italian restaurant and many others. On a hangover night, please enjoy some sweet hangover soup in any of the restaurants. Food is excellent, the seasoning is truly from a passionate chef's recipe. The service also in Nairobi restaurants is good and the ambience unique.

If watching eye-zapping sensory-overload is your thing, movie theaters in Nairobi will serve you well. Watching vibrant life-size dramas that, by virtue of being on the big screen, become a kind of spectacle, one that's larger-than-life in its intimacy. If you miss the experience of going out for a movie, giving yourself to it, getting lost in it and being taken away from this world. For movie lovers, going out to the movies is like a culture and in Nairobi, one gets to exexperience that moment, giving you an aspect of Kenyan way of living. The theaters have plays and musicals that are very entertaining.

The theaters are always packed and therefore it is necessary to book in advance. It might cost USD 7, depending on the movie and the theater. Alliance Francaise, Kenya National Theater, city centre(IMAX 20th century), Garden City Mall on Thika Road, and Junction Mall along Ngong Road are some of the places you can fall in love with, when it comes to watching movies. In Kenyan theater be promised of a place which is dark and safe and anonymous, but where the safety affords you the privilege of luxuriating in something adventurous or even dangerous. A place that where you are inside yourself, but also out there in the universe.

Nothing is more fun than taking a night walk in a street which is warm, just like the hearts of the people. In Nairobi, people walking at night is not something mysterious. You will find couples walking at night holding hands, not even minding about the cold. You can do short distances, and walk on main streets which is more safe. You can get to sample grilled maize which is sold along the road, just to make your walk enjoyable. Nairobi by night is picturesque and carrying your camera to take some amazing photos can be a plus for any night person. It is advisable to hire security if you feel uncomfortable walking at night. Night walks bring memories longer than the road which stretches ahead.

The city under the sun promises amazing moments when the sun has set. Explore the city at night to get to study the culture and richness of the city at the comfort of your car seat. Have your peace of mind, as you admire Nairobi and get to enjoy nightlife in a home away from home. A heaven it is, a heaven where the night might end, but the memories last forever. See you soon in Nairobi, where it gets more fun, as it gets more dark. A night life it is.


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