If you mention Africa, its stunning beauty is the first thing that comes in my mind. Being the second largest continent, Africa boasts of having incredible islands to spectacular shorelines and state of the art cities. The continent has an assortment of spectacles that tourists get to enjoy when they travel to Africa.

Talk of a deep sense of culture and beautiful people, Africa is nothing short of pure amazement. Africa has many cities and narrowing down to the best can be a little bit tricky, and I believe that every city in Africa is marvellous in its own nature. However, some cities have gained fame in the world because of their eye catching sceneries. Here are some ranked African cities in the world.


If you haven’t booked a flight to Cape Town, in a few minutes I will have convinced you why you need to visit this interesting city. Part of its stunning beauty is the majestic Table Mountain. A stunning landmark with a height of 1100 meters which brings elegance to the city. Cape Town is rich in history, particularly in the field of politics. You will also get some raw insight on how the city developed even during the pre-colonial period. Adventure is what makes Cape Town an exciting city. Ever tried bungee jumping or mountain biking? Then I assure you Cape Town has more to offer. Fine wine and delicious cuisines will make your stay in the city pleasurable. Cape Town is a good deal which you don’t have to think twice when considering it.


Boundless energy is what describes Nairobi. The city that is on at any given time, Nairobi is a place full of life and where happiness thrives no matter what. A beautiful blend of culture and urban life gives Nairobi it's unique nature. The Nairobi National Museum is rich in history having the collections that symbolize how Nairobi was many decades ago. You will also find the Karen Blixen Museum which holds a vast collection of artefacts which date back in time. The museum gained fame with the release of the movie 'Out of Africa'. The movie was such a big deal that it won an Oscar award.

Did I tell you that Nairobi is the only city in the world with a national park? The Nairobi National Park gives a thrilling safari experience for those who love adventure, and you get to see the wildlife up close through the dense savannah. If you are fun of safari walks then this is the place to be. There are other attractions like the Snake Park and The Nairobi Animal orphanage which offers travellers a thrilling experience. The hotels in Nairobi are extremely amazing and you are assured of a sophisticated treat where you enjoy the fun activities, as well as enjoying the sweet delicacies. The 'city under the sun' has something for everyone.