Family is one of the most important things in my life. Taking time every day to appreciate your loved ones helps us to bond more with them. A good way of enjoying time with a family, is going for a safari in Africa. As a travel blogger, I have come to realise that many families are embracing the idea of going on African safari despite the challenges that comes with it. Each member of the family is a factor to consider when planning to go an African safari. At the end of the day each member connects the circle of love which strengthens the bond of a family. THE AGE OF THE KIDS Many travellers ask if there is any ideal age for kids to travel. There’s no official age limit for taking kids on safari. The problem is that some places don’t allow kids under a certain age either for safety reasons but there are plenty of options that cater for kids of all ages. I came to realize that kids aged 2 years old were good to go because they have an understanding of which animal and if not, they will definitely learn during the safari. Going on safari with kids is one of the most educationally rewarding and fun experiences. The age of the kids will determine if they can go for longer safaris or not. I wouldn't advice long safaris for kids younger than seven. Half-day game drives, self drives and viewing wildlife can do for 2 to 6 years old kids. A short safari with plenty of fun activities will be enjoyable for them. Kids above six years can do longer trips if possible as they learn about nature and wildlife. THE SAFETY OF THE KIDS Did you know that children under the age of 12 are the perfect prey for the big cats. Being a travel blogger and having toured different countries, I realised that safety is underrated when it comes to travelling. Safety is prime, especially if one is travelling with his or her family. The good news is that many family-friendly lodges offer game drives tailor-made for families with small children in enclosed vehicles. If you are doing a self-drive safari, make sure you understand the rules and consult a ranger where necessary. BUDGET The money factor can't be ignored. Travelling with a family requires money and your budget will determine the nature of your safari. If you want a high-end and all-inclusive family safari then be ready to spend money without feeling any pinch. There are safari holiday packages including super luxury resorts with different types food and fun game drives. If you are on a budget, then no need to worry because you can have a cheap and amazing safari. Self-driving and staying in campgrounds can be a good option. If you don’t want to a self-drive safari, you can try to keep the costs down by booking directly with a local agent. It will keep the cost down as you enjoy your safari with family. WHAT TO PACK

If you pack the right commodities, your safari experience will not be stressful. Make sure you have warm clothes for a chilly morning or an evening drive. Light clothes are obvious with the hot sun during the daytime. Good sport shoes or safari shoes are also important. Take a sunscreen or a hat if you are in an open vehicle. If you have kids, a binoculars can act as a toy and trust me, they will have fun. At the same time it can help you spot animals. They say water is life, and for sure you cannot afford to miss water when you are packing. Snacks are necessary and a lot of snacks if you have kids. Have a headtorch incase of any emergency at night. We all love making memories, so a camera will definitely complement your safari. VACCCINATION I agree a hundred percent that prevention is better than cure. In most African countries you do need some type of vaccines, and yes, kids need vaccines too. Make sure you check the medical information for the country you are planning to visit. Yellow fever vaccination is a requirement in many African countries. If you are visiting an area that is prone to Malaria, it is advisable to seek medical advice from a doctor. Malaria pills do help but according to medical advice it isn't advisable for young kids. Visiting malaria-free areas is usually the best option. Your family health is key, never take it lightly. THE IDEAL SAFARI FOR A FAMILY You want an ideal safari? Then it takes more than some simple calculations for your budget. You need to understand what each member of your family loves, when it comes to fun activities, sleeping arrangements, and even the food one loves. Taking each family member's suggestions is important in having a great family time during an African safari. Other things may change, but we start and end with family. Happiness is having a good time when all of you are together as friends and family. An African safari is always magical and fun when you go as a family. You get to learn a lot from a different environment . As a travel blogger, I can assure that an ideal African safari comes with a lot planning, and if you plan right then you are good to go!comes wplanning, and if you plan right, then you are good to go!


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