The stories I had heard about Africa made me think that it was a land of pure savannah and some parts were just deserts. Little did I know that Africa had a lot to offer. I never knew Africa was like an exotic paradise. The jungles were thrilling and the forests were rich in flora and fauna. Fascinating islands give you a picture of how this continent is breathtakingly beautiful. This continent with an interesting history will just arouse your curiosity if you are in search of knowledge. Famed for their spectacular nature, the islands off the coast are a perfect romantic getaway. The marine wildlife will amaze you just like the unique architecture. The African cuisines will give you an unforgettable experience. I find African beaches having the Caribbean vibe, so start packing before you decide on which Island to explore.


A result of Arabic and African influence with a touch of India, Zanzibar Island is a hotspot for both African tourists and International ones. Being the largest island of the archipelago of Zanzibar, it is beautified by the white sandy beaches. Since the 19th century, this island has been the a major trading center. Hosting different cultures , it has grown to be a diverse Island which is reflected on the unique nature of the people.

Stone Town, the major attraction in this Island is where you get to enjoy the fun activities that the Island offers. This famous town boasts of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get to see the coral rag houses and beautiful courtyards, as you tour the mosques. The turquoise sea will make you visit Zanzibar every time you think of it. For sure, it’s a fascinating island you need to explore.


An archipelago with the islands of Mauritius, Rodriguez, and others , the republic of Mauritius is a must visit. A blend of African, Indian and European influences, Mauritius is a preferred romantic getaway for couples. Having numerous beach resorts , visitors get a once in a life time experience. The stunning shores will steal your attention as you enjoy fun activities like deep-sea fishing. Mauritius is a world class place for water activities like scuba diving. Mauritius is famous for having been the only known habitat of the dodo, a species which is now extinct. Mauritius is an exquisite Island with a lot of magical wonders, and visiting this island will be a great deal.


Old is gold and Lamu being the oldest Swahili settlements in East Africa is a golden island. A peaceful island just off the coast, Lamu has a serene atmosphere so it’s a place you can escape the noisy world. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Lamu has an alluring view. History die-hards should take some time and explore Lamu Town. Old Swahili architecture is what defines this town. Materials like mangrove timber and coral stone were used to make buildings which have complex carved wooden doors. There are no roads on the island, which I find interesting, so seeing a vehicle in this island is very rare. Expect less walking trails, and I guess you are trying to imagine how this island looks like. Imagine no more and just visit this charming island and get to explore the inconceivable.


A premier destination in Madagascar, the Nosy Be island is so fascinating. Having an abundance of a distinctive collection of flora and fauna, Madagascar is ranked the fourth largest island in the world which such a unique feature. It might be small ,but Nosy Be attracts many travellers worldwide.

Expensive restaurants are common here so come prepared pocket wise. Water activities make this exotic island fun but what is amazing is that the island still maintains its tranquillity and sense of harmony. Mouth-watering seafood will make your trip worthwhile . It's a paradise for water-based activities with its sunny climate most of the year, diving is the top draw, and there is plenty of swimming, snorkelling, sailing and fishing. This incredible island is worth your visit.


You want to feel the adrenaline rush as you dive into the Indian Ocean? Then the Sao Tomé Island in Sao Tomé and Príncipe, guarantees you of that. Not so popular, the Sao Tome island has a lot to offer including snorkelling in the blue waters and touring the villages. Tourists explore the Island at their own leisurely pace. Get to visit the popular chocolate factory and have a taste of some of the best coffee in the continent. If you are in search for new horizons and beautiful surroundings, this island should definitely be in your bucket list. Get lost in this great island as you create life-time memories.


Of all the many African archipelagos, Sal is among the most beautiful . Found in Cape Verde this island is a hotspot for tourists. Visitors get to blend into the unique African culture on their visit. ‘Sal’ which means salt in Portuguese gives you an idea of the nature of the white sandy beaches. Sal has gained popularity in Africa due to the easy accessibility. The convenience when touring this island is a plus. Santa Maria, the main town of the beautiful island of Sal is a place of good vibes. It is decorated with enthralling coloured houses. The nightlife in this Island is lively and one of the preferred destinations in Africa for a honeymoon. This doesn’t mean you have to be a couple to visit this Island, even with friends or family, it will give you the same charming experience.


A significant East African island, Comoros is an ideal tourist destination. Located off the east coast of Africa, it is a place of peace and a sense of tranquillity defines this island. Pristine beaches make this island beautiful beyond compare. Snorkelers are treated to a fulfilling adventure as they view the colourful coral reefs. The island is rich in rainforests and the green nature of the island is spectacular. The Swahili and Arabian culture are perfectly blended in this island. Mohéli one of the islands which form Comoros is less crowed and a preferred option for many tourists. Mohéli Marine Park is a home to Sea turtles, dolphins and even whales which excite those who visit this park.


You would not believe it, when I tell you that Praslin was once a hideout for pirates and Arab merchants. Praslin is now a major tourist destination which when you visit once, you will keep coming back. Found in Seychelles the Island has vast tropical forests. Being the second largest in Seychelles, the island has white sandy beaches which grace it. The likes of Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette will give your eyes a good surprise. The world class hotels and resorts found in Praslin are affordable and good food is one of their features. Rare wildlife make the island unique, having birds such as the native Seychelles Bulbul. Visit the stunning Vallée de Mai Nature Preserve famous for the rare vanilla orchids.


The Mediterranean hosts one of the most dazzling North African islands, Located off the coast of South Tunisia, Djerba is a major island. If you love sports then this island is a good option where you can play on the sandy beaches. A peace and silent island it is with great dining resorts. The tranquility nature on some parts of the is a plus for many tourists. Djerba is one of the few places in Tunisia where people communicate using the Berber language. This shows you how the island is rich in culture and how the people value the traditions. This enthralling place will arrest your desire to explore. How about a short trip to the island? Deal?


The seal islands found off the coast of Cape Town, in South Africa glow in beauty. The marine world in the Seal Island promises a learning experience if you have interest in what happens under the waters. The seascape is more than gorgeous and the glistening beaches The South African coastline offers gorgeous crystal blue Indian Ocean and glistening golden beaches will trap your eye sight. The seal island is used by seals as a breeding ground meaning you will find thousands of seals in this island. The Great White Sharks will entertain you as at certain seasons times they create a circle around the seal island popularly known as the Ring of Death. Any seal that finds itself in the circle faces death as the sharks attack the seals. The drama is intense and the sharks don’t mind you being a spectator!


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