Africa is an awe-inspiring continent which attracts a lot of tourists around the world. Most tourists prefer game drives, exploring the beaches and touring the urban cities. If you are thinking of travelling to any beautiful African country for a vacation, one of the prime factors to consider is your safety. Safety is way broad, as it starts from your health to driving on the roads, and even the activities you can do for fun. African people are warm-hearted, but safety in many countries is not a straight pass! For a smooth vacation in Africa, here is a guide on the things you probably need to know as far as your safety is concerned.


Health Safety

Many travelers usually have a lot of health concerns, and my advice as a travel blogger is one should plan in advance. If you want a carefree holiday without falling ill, a good pre-trial plan will serve you well. Adjusting to the climatic conditions in Africa may affect one health wise, so I always recommend one to be aware of the seasons in any African country before they visit it. Diseases is another factor that can give you a headache if you are planning to have an African Safari. Many African countries are malarial. It is advisable to seek information from a local travel agent if the region you are touring is prone to malaria. For malaria prone tourists attraction places like national parks, make sure you sleep under mosquito nets and don't forget to pack insect repellents.

Airborne diseases like Covid 19 need you to take precaution and follow the required health guidelines given by the government. A mask is very Important in preventing airborne diseases. HIV/ AIDS is quite rampant in every African country and therefore it would be foolish to ignore the importance of protection! Vaccination is a major requirement in most African countries. Yellow fever and hepatitis vaccines are strongly recommended. Ensure you have your own medical travel insurance. This helps if the area you are visiting, there are no medical facilities around. It always wise to carry your own first aid kit in case of any emergency. Always consult a travel clinic before touring any African region to know if there are any documents you need. Your health should always come first!

Urban Safety

African cities are modern and they are good places to have fun, be it during the day or at night. The problem is that some African cities are not that safe. Therefore taking some few precautions will do you more good. Your safety stats when you arrive in the airport. Always keep your belongings close to you. Avoid having attention-grabbing jewellery for your own safety. Keep your valuables locked in the room that you will have booked. Before going out, consult about areas that are unsafe. Do not walk in deserted areas and always have a security number you can call in case of anything. Be cautious of fraudsters who are there seeking to take advantage of your credit cards. For a safe urban tour, be sober and careful at all times.

Game Viewing Safety

For Rookies in the African bush, the experience is always super exciting to the extent that one may compromise the safety of the animals or the people around. The African wild is diverse and interestingly beautiful. Wild animals are not used to people and therefore the sight of humans or safari vehicles may pose a threat to them. Having a guide goes far ahead to ensure that you have a fantastic time in the bush as you consider the comfort of the wild animals. Guides are knowledgeable about the events of any African national park they are assigned to. Obeying a guide will save you a lot of trouble.

Tips For a Safe Game Drive or Walking Safari

•Maintain silence in the wild to avoid distracting animals. If you need to communicate, you can do it in sign language or whispers.

•Sit or a stand in a good position if you want a good and up close view of the animals. This will help in not frightening the animals or you getting hurt by long branches hanging from trees.

•If you are taking photos of wild animals, do not interfere with their movements so that you can get a good photo.

•Avoid feeding wild animals at all costs. Smoking is also prohibited to avoid fire hazards.

•It is advisable to camouflage with the surroundings so avoid shouting colours. Khaki, green and brown are good options.

•If you are with other tourists, always walk in single file and few meters from each other for a walking safari.